Thursday, 22 February 2007


The self-produced mixes are coming along very well, we now have 5 mixes in a variety of styles and are possibly going to get some extras done by trendy dj types. We really do love this track, it has become a real passion for us. One of those punch the air moments.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


Taking advantage of a quick break in the English weather, I decided to take a few photos today to use when promoting 'The Penthouse Messiahs' single.

No exotic locations for me, I took the shots in my back garden with a poor drone holding up a piece of lino as a backdrop. I had tried to peg the lino up but gravity seemed to be too strong today.

Anyway, despite dodgy batteries and falling backdrops I managed to create the shot. Remarkable, I'm sure you will agree.

Meanwhile back in the lab, Ricardo was busily working on the new rock mix for 'The Penthouse Messiahs' and once he'd put down a rough version, he quickly joined the photographic joyride. The pose was perfected and Ricardo had been shot.

Just a couple of hours later, the Cuban Boys in Moscow promo shot was cunningly put together by Ricardo.

It may not be revolutionary - but it surely looks as if the Cuban Boys are looking towards world domination again!